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@21TORR  – Work: Animation, UI-Concept, UX-Concept, User-Testing
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Project Overview
The FuchsCheck is a web-based consulting tool that helps users to identify and suggest relevant modernisation topics by asking key questions. The user-centered design offers intuitive interaction by providing tailored recommendations based on the user input. The aim of the project was to simplify the decision-making process for modernisation topics and create a simple, clear user experience.
During the FuchsCheck project, I was significantly involved in various areas. From the creation of detailed wireframes to the development of the UI for the screens, the creation of Lottie animations and the subsequent user testing. One of our most important points was that the product was as simple as possible for the user and that the results matched their expectations.
The main goal of the FuchsCheck is to reduce the complexity of selecting modernisation topics and to offer users a clear guide to which topics they can find information on at their stage. The interaction with the tool should be as pleasant as possible and fun for the user, which is why the input is supported by an illustration.