Medi - your medical health app

Communicative application
Project overview
Application to promote communication between doctor and patient.
Medi is your personal healthcare assistant that helps you find doctors and create, manage and organise appointments. Our aim was to make the process of medical care smoother and easier for everyone involved through the use of new technologies.
Currently, most applications in the healthcare sector focus on collecting and storing patients' personal health data. The goal of our project is to improve communication between patients and doctors. We have tried to make the process of creating an appointment a unique user experience and to guide the user through the app as seamlessly as possible by making it quick and easy to use.

Medi, is a personalised chat bot that can help the user schedule an appointment with their doctor. You can chat with it to inform it about your personal health status and it would then, if necessary, arrange an appointment with the desired doctor. Medi then suggests a suitable time slot, which can be adjusted at the end. In order to guide the user a little, the app always offers various answer options. If desired, you can also open a keyboard and communicate freely with Medi.

To promote the feeling of a companion, the application is designed to offer the user a personalised experience by suggesting and selecting what is necessary, requiring almost no effort on the part of the user to achieve the desired result. Medi notifies the user of upcoming appointments and coordinates their calendar so they will never miss an appointment. The main function of our app is to quickly organise appointments without much effort. After a move, Medi helps users to find new doctors in their neighbourhood and then make appointments with them as well. Users can add doctors to their profile and manage them from there. Another feature that Medi offers is an overview and management option for your upcoming and previous appointments. It is possible to easily change or cancel any upcoming appointment via the app. If the user wishes to change an appointment, Medi will contact the doctor again with all the information they have provided.

Throughout the development, we kept focussing on a specific area to help a user improve the experience of medical treatment. We realised that some more necessary features can be added to the created application. Getting the medical certificate for diseases, finding out the exact schedule of doctors, having a digital medical record, etc. are just a few ideas that open up millions of possibilities that can be added and explored in designing life sciences by design.