Bachelor thesis
Project overview
Through group formation and digital companions, the mobile application "Patronus" increases safety on the way home and personal offences can be avoided.
For many, anxiety is a constant companion when they have to come home at night. It starts when they leave the bar and only ends when they enter their own home. Even short distances often pose a danger. Patronus helps to minimise the danger and inhibit anxiety. With our application, we want to make an active contribution to preventing criminal offences.
Patronus is used constantly on the way home until you feel safe enough or you have arrived home. It is designed to take away the user's fear and avoid actual dangerous situations. With our application, we want to help anyone who is travelling alone at night. Especially when nobody is around, fear often increases and you feel defenceless and left alone. We help people who are afraid of being attacked.

The application is used on the smartphone as a companion on the way home so that it is always with you. Patronus helps to ensure that you don't feel alone and can see when people in the neighbourhood are looking for company on the way home.

Patronus offers two important functions: the proximity search, which helps you to find friends, acquaintances and others who also have to go home alone and are travelling in the same direction. This avoids the problem of walking home alone right from the start and you are protected by the group.

The second function is help if you still have to go home alone. You have the option of being accompanied digitally by your friends. Friends can view the user's current location at any time, contact them via chat or even make a call if they become more anxious. So you are in constant contact with your friends throughout your journey home, who can also call for help or make an emergency call in an emergency.

The advantage of Patronus is that we don't try to provide help in emergency situations, but use our application to prevent said emergency situations before they even arise.